Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Note:  Concerning Concord Management, there are serious issues about the return of initial security deposits and it seems that this firm and its various properties go out of their way to collect large fees and deposits which they often consider to be 'non-refundable' and applicants never get back.  Anyone considering leasing any of the various Concord Management properties without first having everything in writing and every fee itemized and initial should have their heads examined.
Central Florida Apartment Seekers: Beware of Concord Management Properties' Bait & Switch on the Elderly
The pictures seen on this video are not that of the Uptown Maitland Apartments, especially those of the clubhouse and the computer room which was never built. That space has since then been leased out for commercial use to a newspaper or as a law office. The developers and Concord Management did not keep their promises but benefited greatly from millions of dollars in tax breaks. But the true fraud and elder abuse can be seen in Concord Management's "Bait & Switch" in fees after they get unsuspecting seniors to sign a lease. Below are most of the fees:

1) Fee for parking space: $50 per month.
2) Fee for pets: $400 security deposit and $50 per month. 
3) Fee for the washer and dryer: $50$30 per month if you bring your own.
4) Limited Cable TV: $65 included in your rent; addition channels you call the cable company and pay extra. Direct TV or satellite dishes not allowed in most places
5) AUM Water/Sewer Bill: Always claiming billing errors to get more of your $$$; AUM is own by Comcord Management; ripoff!
6) Storage Space often $30 to $100 per month at most properties.
7) Switching to another unit upon lease renewal: $400 fee for downsizing to a smaller unit. Example from a three-bedroom to a two-bedroom.

All these fees on top of your rent. This is how Concord Management personnel are ripping off their tenants especially the elderly in beautiful and wealthy maitland, Florida!

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