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Concord's Northbridge Apts Unsafe!
Sketch of suspect released in shootings near Mall at Millenia
February 22, 2013| By Susan Jacobson, Orlando Sentinel

Orlando police on Thursday released a sketch of a man they say shot two people, killing one, at an apartment near Mall at Millenia. The suspect shot to death Martin Martinez, 28, and wounded his girlfriend at NorthBridge on Millenia Lake on Jan. 17.

The shootings happened during what police described as a home-invasion robbery at a unit on Estabrook Woods Drive. A second suspect waited in a getaway car, officers said.

The gunman was described as a dark-skinned black man in his late 20s or early 30s, about 5-feet-10-inches tall with a mustache. He wore a dark bubble jacket, navy blue skullcap and Timberland boots. The car was white.

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As you will see from the below posts this 'flagship' Concord managed property is to be avoided at all costs, this is just one more reason.

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Police search for suspect in fatal double shooting

Gunman on run as officers work with few clues
UPDATED 11:21 PM EST Jan 20, 2013

ORLANDO, Fla. —A killer is on the run after shooting a man and a woman inside a Northbridge Apartments home in Orlando on Thursday.

Addl Info:  Burglary reported as OPD looks into deadly shooting nearby Officers were already looking into a deadly shooting near the Mall at Millenia when more were called to investigate a burglary.

Martin Martinez died of his injuries. The woman was rushed from the scene on Millenia Boulevard to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Neighbors said multiple recent shootings in the area have left them fed up. They say the violence must stop. "This is continuous. It's not shocking at all. It's very sad and horrible," neighbor Jessica Martinez said.

Alvaro Ferry said he wants to know why someone would want to kill his little brother. "He was at home. He wasn't looking for trouble. You're supposed to be safe in your own home, in your own bedroom, and that wasn't the case in this incident," Ferry said.

The complex hired a private security firm to help quell the violence. Despite the deterrent, another deadly shooting took place here. Security guards spent their time helping police seal off the area to residents trying to go home. The culprit was nowhere to be found. "It appears that both people were shot by someone else. We don't have any suspect information at this time," Sgt. Jim Young said.

ORLANDO, Fla. —Investigators said the woman who was shot was Martinez's girlfriend. They said Martinez was staying at the apartment after being laid off from his job at the Port of Miami. Much of his family lives in South Florida.

Burglary reported as OPD looks into deadly shooting nearby Officers were already looking into a deadly shooting near the Mall at Millenia when more were called to investigate a burglary. "All of my feelings, I'm just holding them inside of me. I have been crying, and I have been emotional behind doors, but I have to be strong for my sister, for my family," Ferry said. Orlando Police Department investigators will continue to look into this case.

Anyone with information should contact Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS. Meanwhile, a burglary was reported nearby just hours after the shooting. Police officers are looking into that as well.

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Family of Miami man wants to know why he was killed
Martin Martinez, 28, was the person shot to death Thursday at an apartment near the Mall at Millenia, Orlando police said Friday.
By Susan Jacobson, Orlando Sentinel

January 19, 2013

Orlando police late Friday confirmed what the family of Martin Martinez had dreaded for a day: The Miami man was the person shot to death in an apartment near the Mall at Millenia.

A woman identified by Martinez's family as his girlfriend also was shot but survived and was hospitalized. Police did not release her identity.

Martinez's brother, Orlando Astacio, said he wants detectives to investigate thoroughly. They had made no arrests early Saturday and did not disclose a possible motive.
                        4902 Millenia Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32839, USA
"I want justice to be done," Astacio said from Nicaragua, where Martinez's family plans to bury him in their homeland.

Martinez, 28, known to friends and family as "Energy," had been staying temporarily with roommates at NorthBridge on Millenia Lake apartments after being laid off from his job loading containers at PortMiami, relatives said. Another brother lives nearby.

"Martin had no problem with nobody because he lived there for a month," Astacio said.  Another man was fatally shot in late December at The Villages on Millenia, a complex next door. Two men have been arrested on murder and other charges.


From: micro2013
Date posted: 3/27/2013
Years at this apartment: 2011 - 2013

This is an HONEST review written by me, a resident who has lived in Northbridge Apartments near Millenia Mall for 2 years. Moved out in March of 2013 - had enough! I first moved straight to these Apts. from Boston, MA due to a job management promotion/relocation. I am a very reasonable, educated, hard working professional. In all honesty, moving to Northbridge was clearly a mistake.

The place is definitely overpriced for what they offer:

1. Swimming pool is always full of noisy Sect. 8 kids?/often without parental supervision. I wouldn't dare to swim there. Can imagine it's pretty dirty.
2. Gym has a nasty smell to it and is also full of parents and their small children (4-5 kids per family -the usual-).

3. Small children are running around the complex, again, without parental supervision and creating noise all over the place. EX: One time I saw a child trying to escape from his 2nd flood balcony. I wonder where the parents were...(This pretty much should explain what kind of people live here).

4. Parking - space is very limited (first come first serve basis). EX: If you are a resident, on a full night, unfortunately, you are not guaranteed a spot. So, good luck.

5. Broken glass and bottles on the parking lot laying out there for days without being cleaned up. Notice: the management acts as if they do not notice it.

6. SECURITY - BIG ISSUE. It is as if there is no security, but you do pay for it anyway. Believe it or not. I am guessing for the look of "the gates" themselves. One door is open (the one closer to the lake to be precise), so anyone can come in and out at any time. That is exactly how criminals can get in. Still to this day, it is not fixed, believe me, a friend still lives there. In January of this year, there was a burglary followed by a shooting right next to my building. The whole thing was on the news. News were conducting interviews of the residents, honest like me, and as soon as the Apt Complex found that out, they immediately kicked out the news channel off of the property. Truth hurts, ain't it?

Guess what? This was not the first crime incident these apts have had. It took the apartment complex a few good crime scenes (i'm talking about 20 deputies on the scene with about 5-7 emergency vehicles) yellow tape all over the change the Security guidelines. And up until this day, there are no set rules. People can still get in and out, if they really want to. Currently, you can still get in the complex, just enter the gate code, if a person you're visiting doesn't answer, just show your ID to the officer, and he'll let you in. Office has asked everyone to provide new information, which they did not communicate to the security. Its a mess, like I said. So ANYONE CAN GET IT, if they are smart enough and are out there to get what they need.

Now, I constantly had different kind of strangers knocking at my doors. Where these people come from? No idea. But it tells you the kind of environment you live in. The management/staff consists of stuck up females who most likely only have their GED/ luckily a High School Diploma, very luckily few classes at ITT tech. Plainly speaking, they are uneducated, uninformed employees who are most likely overworked by everything that is going on at that place.

7. Who are they kidding? Sect. 8 still exists and do not believe if they are telling you otherwise. Trust me, when you walk in there with proof that you are Sect. 8 candidate, they immediately find you a place to live. Want to know the rates? (1 bedroom for $600 or 2 bedrooms for around $700). Not bad, huh? While you're out here paying twice as much. Unequal standards. It isn't fair, because when your neighbors are out here getting food stamps, wearing t-shirts with holes in them, and you're out here driving a Rovers and BMW's, it all results that your neighbors are giving you dirty looks and looking at you with hatred. Why put middle and lower class both in the same building? I just don't see any sense in it. But guess who's paying for their food stamps? Me! That's right, the hardworking tax payers.

8. At least 2-3 move outs each month in the building. Cops are constantly visiting the neighbor's apartments for issues and problems. You see few police vehicle at least few times per week. Neighbors are loud. They keep moving their furniture in and out of the building. It's completely insane.

9. Maintenance: sometimes you call in, and no one will be there to help you for days. And actually, as I was getting closer to my move out date: i made a call and no one decided to come in at all.

10. Their complex lake is verydirty.

11. Pets poop all over the apt complex.
......There is too much to tell, but main highlights are here..
Take it from me - think twice before moving in.

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element187 at 8:55 AM January 30, 2013
God I can't wait until my lease is up at the end of Febuary, I am getting the heck out of this ghetto called "Northbridge"
I pay a premium to live here, but the complex lets so much section 8 through the door, that they bring the crime from the ghetto with them.

creamejr at 5:55 PM January 19, 2013
Really; look no further than your neighborhood of "We're owed everything" for the past. 26 killed daily in Anytown USA and nothing ever addresses the real problem...........nothing!!!!!!!!!1
justmyjunk1 at 8:48 AM January 19, 2013
Now he is no problem

anothermea at 8:38 AM January 19, 2013
He was here illegally and that my friend was the problem. His whole family are illegal...
Sorry about your loss now go back to Nicaragua....
And take the rest of your family with you....

barefootinflorida at 5:00 AM January 19, 2013
"Martin had no problem with nobody because he lived there for a month," Astacio said.

So, if he "had no problem with nobody"...that must mean he had a problem with somebody!