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What do BBB files show about Concord Management?

Here are a few of the complaints from the BBB of Central Florida, Inc. about Concord Management, LTD.  From the BBB Files here are a few of the 51 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years.   23 were closed in last 12 months.  

Keep in mind that there are 6 other files open for other Concord Management properties in central Florida, all of these over and above the 51 complaints under this listing.


Date of complaint: 3/8/13
Complaint Category: Failure to honor service estimate or agreement

Complaint: Company failed to return funds from deposit as part of contractual agreement.
Moved out of company's property 08/29/12, and have not received rent deposit back as of yet. Contacted property (Northbridge on Milenia) to inquire about deposit, rep stated that their corporate office has my file and to contact them.

I have attempt to reach out to their corporate office about this matter several times, but to no avail. Left several detailed voice messages and sent out emails for regional manager Rosa Finawick and Chris Barnett, only received one returned call back since I've moved. I payed a full months rent of $687.00, and was informed that due to some unknown trash left and furniture after I moved I'm supposed to receive only about $450.00. In which is fine, but I still have not receive any correspondence back from the property (Northbridge on Milenia) or their corporate office (Concord Management LTD. All I want is my deposit back that is due to me, being that I have fulfilled all of my requirements and obligations.

At this point I am amazed at the unprofessionalism that has been shown in this matter, and the neglect to assist with a resulotion. I indicated the urgency that receiving my deposit meant to me, and now due to the payment being so delayed and no compliance on their part. I was unable to fulfill another financial obligation on time, and will probably be in jeopardy of getting docked on my credit score report. Until this situation, I would have gladly considered another property own by this company (Concord Management LTD,)and or recommended them to someone else. But I couldn't rent from a property/company who takes less consideration of their tenents/ex tenents needs and rights.


Date of complaint: 3/5/13

I've been in dispute with my water bill for over a year. For the past 3 months I've taken pictures of my water meter and the numbers on the meter don't match the numbers on my bill. I've submitted information to my appartment complex, Charleston Club apt. and the water company. The water company keep sending information to the apt complex to fill out and submit back to them so they can investigate. Needless to say my apartment complex has not returned the information and they won't return my phone call. Charleston Club owns the meter @ this location per my water company has advised me. It's ok for 1 1/2 person to live in this apartment and pay $70 for water that obviously I'm not using.


Date of complaint: 2/18/13

I moved into a Concord Management apartment complex named Cambridge Cove in Lakeland, Florida on October 31, 2008. The apartment had many things broken, filthy carpet and black mold. I immediately contacted the leasing office about the problem. They said they would take care of it but never did. After weeks of no response from the leasing office I decided to call the Concord Management Corporate office.

I would leave messages and no one would return my calls. I sent emails that I still have copies of.  Out of all the emails I sent, I received one response telling me the District Manager would be calling me to help me with my problem. The district manager never called. After a few months of no help my 3 year old son was getting increasingly sick due to the black mold. I could not continue to allow those conditions to affect his health. I was forced to move out. After all this Concord Management put a negative account on my credit report stating I owe them $1552. They did not return my security deposit. Because of their lack of concern I ended up having to pay hospital bills for my son getting sick due to the black mold and extra moving expenses.


Date of complaint: 2/11/13
Complaint Category:
Failure to provide itemized billing as requested

Complaint: Concord has me running in circles
After pulling my credit report, I noticed a collection account from Concord Management. I called the phone number listed from this site to inquire about account resolution. I was told that it was related to delinquent balance from Brookwood Forest stemming from 2007.

I was given a phone number to NCC, whom I called and was told they could not locate the account. I called back to Concord to inform them that NCC stated they had no record of the account in question. I was again told to call NCC, this time they gave me an account number. Again NCC stated that they did not have any record of the account. After a third time of calling Concord they transferred me to someone who stated that they would call NCC to help them locate the account and have someone get back with me. As of yet, no one from NCC nor Concord has contacted me to resolve the issue.


Date of complaint: 12/7/12

Complaint Category: Invalid or false contract

Complaint: My credit report contains a negative collections account pertaining to a Concord Management apartment lease which I was removed from prior.

When Concord Management was still overseeing Park West Club apartments in Monroe, MI, I obtained a joint lease with ***** ******* in the Spring of 2008. Several months later, I moved out of the apartment, and at that time our rent was current. Prior to moving, I went into the leasing office and all parties signed to legally remove my name from any association/liability with said lease. Sometime later, Mr. ******* was apparently evicted for non-payment.

When I began recieving calls from collections, I informed them that I was no longer associated with the account and I also informed Park West Club Apartments via phone-call of the error. I assumed the issue was resolved since I didn't recieve any additional correspondance from a collections agency regarding this delinquent account, however, I recently discovered that it is contained on my credit report as a current negative account of MINE, which is false. I have very recently filed a dispute request with the credit bureau, however the blame rests with Concord Management for providing my name to collections for this account in the first place and not correcting the problem when I informed them. Credit is a very important thing to be screwed up because of neglegance.


Date of complaint: 11/23/12
I live at Cambridge Cove and have for two years, signed a new lease recently. I have had problem with roaches, they come in from the walls or other apartments. I have been getting pest control almost monthly and am starting to tire of it all. They come in and spray and that is it and the roaches keep coming in, sometimes up to ten a day and the spray does not always work. I did not sign up for this and want something done and am not sure how best to handle this problem. Please help!!! If I still have this problem by the end of this new lease I just signed I am gone.



Complaint Category: Failure to honor promised refunds, exchanges, or credit

Castle Woods Apartments has refused to give me any information on the $600+ they owe me after I moved out.

Approx 7 mos before my lease was up, I began to notice mold in my apartment around my A/C vents. I notified the front office of the issue multiple times and nothing was done. 2 months prior to my lease ending, my A/C broke down. I withheld rent, due to the mold and the A/C issues. They then decided to file for eviction. I fought it and, because of the negligence on their part, they settled with me prior to going to court.

They agreed to credit me a full month's rent, due to the MAJOR maintenance issues. They fixed my A/C and performed a small amount of mold remediation (claimed they sprayed chemicals in the vents) 3 days before I was set to move out. Since then (7/1/2012), I have tried contacting them multiple times regarding my credit (I am owed over $600 between the credit and my deposit) and have received no response.

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  1. I would like to state. Cambridge cove apartments in Lakeland Florida suxxxxxx. so does the staff. worried about a little grilled sitting in front of my apartment. not in the way if anything. mind you by ac as been working since I moved as been six months now. the maintenance works don't know shit about nothing. I pay to much money. to be living like this. sick and tired of them. I will be. reporting them to bay news9.